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My new outdoor home

August 11, 2009 01:38 by umair

  I paid $350 in overweight while taking my gear to Pakistan from United States. Thats why I decided to stash all of my gear in my home in Lahore instead of bringing it back and buying everything new again for my outdoor activities. This had two major benefits first now I can take a quick trip to Pakistan anytime and walla all my gear is there to start multiday camping. Second I get to buy everything new again ... who doesn't love shopping. Any outdoor enthusiast's loves new buying and stashing new gear, some people even say it's all about gear.

  So the first thing I bought after getting back from Pakistan was a new light weight 2 person tent. The good thing about building and completing your new gear warehouse is you always know what you want and you always keep an eye on the deals around you (especially internet). I never tried BigAgnes product before but always heard good reviews from friends. Thus when I found this terrific deal on internet about this 4 lbs & 4oz light weight tent I immediately pressed "Add to cart" button. They also gave me free footprint for the tent, extra bonus. Even though it is a 3 season tent but its designed for wind-shedding, I will be using it as my primary 4 Season tent when I am camping in East Cost. 

The Big Agnes Sunnyside 2 tent features a wind-shedding design with 2 doors and 2 vestibules that offer convenient entry/exit and separate storage areas.

The North Face Aguila 23 -My offshore outdoor Home


My Review of The North Face Aguila 23:

 In long multiday treks you definitely are better off with two person tent rather than a small cramped up one person tent, which by the way I also own and use it for quick and ultra lightweight treks. A two person also helps you to have enough space for your self and your clothing, gear, etc ... especially when you are staying at one site aka base camp for multidays. For this I bought and took The North Face Aguila 23 with me to K2 Bascamp Trek; a 16 to 18 day trek on tough and rugged terrain of Baltoro Glacier and Godwin Austin Glacier ... not to forget the blessings of high altitude. After a long day haul to your next camping station all you need is a nice and comfortable tent where you can lie down easily, sit comfortably to read your book, have enough space to open or rearrange your bag/backpack, invite a friend over to have some chit chat etc. For all of this Aguila 23 performed 5 stars, the way the tent is designed it gives huge inside space. From outside the tent looks pretty small and its aero dynamic design makes it look slick too (a lot of international trekkers asked me about this cool looking tent) but once you get in you have this huge space and it all due to its design of how the poles pull the tent inner mesh towards them. Yes there are days when you are bound to stay inside the tent the whole (bad weather ofcourse or waiting for your slow partner who is running one day behind) this tent gave me the protection from all kind of bad weather and kept me dry and clean. The assembky if the tent is very simple and it only takes less than 2 minutes & 46 seconds minutes to setup it (yes I timed it), its fun putting up this tent because of the way the poles stick together thats why it was always my porters who were eager to put it up or break it down for me. The pole assembly looks pretty complicated when a person sees it for first time, I remember when one of the porter first saw it without the fly he said "Azaab" (meaning WHAT THE HELL?), but it's just piece of cake.

I'll give it 5 out of 5 ... Excellent Buy!

Brief Product Description:

The North Face Aguila 23 is a three-season backpacking tent that uses a hubbed-pole configuration that maximizes usable space and is easy to set up.

  • Aguila has two doors and two large vestibules for convenient entry/exit and generous storage space
  • DAC® reverse-combi pole system maximizes headroom and comfort by using different diameter poles
  • Aluminum hub eliminates unnecessary pole sections, reduces weight and makes setup a breeze
  • Strong, ultralight Microclips™ secure the canopy to the poles through a unique camming action
  • Silicone- and polyurethane-coated rainfly provides high water repellency, greater resistance to UV breakdown and compressibility for easier packing
  • Ripstop nylon canopy is fully seam-sealed and nylon taffeta floor is fully taped for the ultimate in weather protection
  • No-see-um mesh panels and doors provide high/low air circulation that inhibit condensation buildup
  • Color-coded canopy and rainfly webbing ensure ease of setup; adjustable stake-out loops allow micro adjustments


Side Note:

Don't forget to take Crazy Creek chair with you it makes a big difference ... :)



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